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MACRS (Minority Accounting Career Resource Society) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on providing pathways for high school and college students into the accounting industry. Our goal is to provide resources, scholarships, study materials, and mentorship to assist students with becoming Certified Public Accountants (CPAs).

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Over the next three years, we have ambitious plans to raise $1,300,000 in funds, with the intent of achieving this objective through corporate donations, grants, and the backing of individual donors. These financial resources will be dedicated to the direct facilitation of our short-term initiative: piloting an effective educational program for students in the Metro Detroit area. In the event of its success, we envision extending this program to prominent urban cities throughout the United States.

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With your help, we can foster a more diverse and inclusive accounting profession.

MACRS is led by a team of experienced professionals with a passion for helping underrepresented students break into the accounting industry. Our programs will address three major areas faced by minority students:


MACRS aims to address education disparities hindering CPA aspirations. By collaborating with schools and employers, we will provide guidance, mentorship, and work study programs, aiding students in pursuing a successful accounting career.


MACRS offers financial support for students pursuing higher education and a CPA license. Scholarships, free study materials, and CPA exam cost reimbursement are available to eligible students to alleviate financial barriers.


Minority accounting professionals often face limited representation in the industry, which hinders job prospects and career growth. MACRS offers participants the opportunity to gain valuable experience working under CPA supervision, potentially leading to full-time employment with MACRS partners.


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hello@impactmacrs.org or click below to view our programs.

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Robyn K. Butler CPA, EA

Vice President & COO

Ashley V. Johnson CPA, EA

President & CEO

Board of Directors

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